About me:

Hello. My name is Jacob, and I'm a wedgie nerd. I love to get wedgies more than giving them. I first got a wedgie when I was 4 and I loved them a lot. What I like about the wedgies is the pain and humiliation. I like to get humiliated from some reason, and like people to see my undies. I strangely love the pain. I like it when my underwear crushes my penis and balls. I like getting kicked in in the balls for some reason. I just like that type of pain. I even hit myself in the balls. My all-time favorite wedgies are:  
Atomic Wedgie
Banana Wedgie
Blast Wedgie
Chilly Wedgie (Especially when hanging)
Creamer and Messy wedgie
Dragged Wedgie
Egg wedgie (Hanging mostly)
Elevator Wedgie (I tricked someone to do this to me at school.)
Flagpole wedgie (Yes I've gotten this before. More times than I can count. The only thing I hate is being that high off the ground.)
Front to back
Frontal Atomic Swirl Wedgie
Frontal wedgie
Frosty Wedgie
Hanging Wedgie (Including high) ONE OF MY FAVORITES
Kangaroo Wedgie
Nature wedgie
Shoulder wedgie MY SECOND FAVORITE
Spinning wedgie
Squeaky clean wedgie (You know how long it took for someone to give me this?)
Swirl Wedgie
Tying wedgie
Tarzan wedgie
Only in undies (Duh)
Normal wedgies (Only if it's for a long amount of time)
Bunk wedgie
Permenant wedgie

That's all the wedgies I love to get. And you wonder how I make myself get these wedgies from other people, I put notes on my back, have my underwear sticking out and other stuff and they fall for it.

The type of underwear I love to wear is cartoon briefs. I usually have a lot of money, by working and allowences, so with some of the money and my birthday and Christmas presents I buy and get briefs and I have a lot of briefs for wedgies, but I love my cartoon briefs, but sadly I sacerfices them. Here are the following undies I have:
Lego Ninjago
Scooby Doo
Justice League
Phinies and Ferb underwear
Toy Story
Finding Nemo
Angry Birds
Also I wear panties (I'm not gay. But I don't hate gays) so I can get more humiliating wedgies, and more pain. Everyone call me homo at school, but I ignore them, because I'm not gay. Even if I did like wearing panties that don't mean I'm homo, because homo means love guys. And If you want to know what panties I wear I'll tell you. But here are two I mostly wear: Hello Kitty and my little pony.

I am not ugly, but I'm short for my age and not very muscular, and my groin is small, and don't make fun. I like to have fun mostly.

For some reason I started like to get spanked. I have a sister, and I ask her can we play school when parents are gone, and have her spank me. Also when I ask for a spanking she gives them to me, because we're close like that. And we like fun. Also we have a hideout, and she spanks me there. Also I try to do something bad on purpose so I can get spanked from family members. To me it's fun. I think it's because I used to get spanked a lot as a kid. I mostly love barebottem. Here are my favorite spanking positions:
Over the knee
The Classic OTK with the legs pinned
The classic bent
Classice bent leg spread
Diaper position

That's all about me. Bye. Also who wants to be my wedgie buddy, or wants me to be their slave and do all their dares. I cant upload a pic of myself because of parents mostly.